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Expanding the Horizons

After more than five years of stagnation of quality rock concerts in Lithuania the active Lithuanian alt. rock scene band MOUNTAINSIDE, decided to show good initiative and to set an example. So on 2003 April 30th the first festival with symbolic name “MountainRock’vol.1” happened.

More than 500 people came to see legendary Lithuanian rock band BIX and younger bands – MOUNTAINSIDE, SH, K.A.N.G. in Kaunas night club “Combo” Quality sound and friendly atmosphere appealed to the audience, the press was impressed too. So MOUNTAINSIDE decided to continue with the idea of the festival.

The slogan of the festival is “Rock’n’Roll is our business”. The most important for the festival is quality sound and music. Festival supports creative bands and authentic rock music, opposing the “product” created by producers, businessmen and different reality shows.

The fifth festival “MountainRock’vol.5\Expanding the Horinzons” is to happen on 2008 october 3rd – 4th. The opening event will be held on October the 3rd the Townhall square. Experimental band “T (R.Eimontas – electronic bells, M.Valiukas – bass) with dancer T.Lagunavicius will start the festival. At night of the same day in a club “Dzem’Pub” Lithuanian bands – K.A.N.G., BU-BY, SERDNATION, .D.S.. and CRITICAL HIT will play. The main concert will take place on October the 4th in the club “Combo”, with bands from five countries from across the Baltic Sea: CULT OF LUNA (Sweden), MANNHAI (Finland), MOUNTAINSIDE (Lithuania), THE BLACK TAPES (Poland), VERSUS (Latvia). Well known Lithuanian indie rock veterans VERSLO RIZIKOS REZERVAS will DJ the rock disco.

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Mountainrock’vol.2/”FACE THE FUTURE”  took place the same year in October 25th in club “Combo” with legendary Lithuanian heavy metal act KATEDRA and bands from Kaunas (MOUNTAINSIDE, K.A.N.G.), Vilnius (SHADOWDANCES), Siauliai (BRAINERS) and Utena (ANBO). Event attracted more than 400 hard rockers.

The third “MountainRock” was set in 2005 on March the 4th in Kaunas night club “Los patrankos”. For the first time in festival’s history organizers invited guests from abroad – SOUNDARCADE from Latvia. Festival was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of alternative scene located in Aukstieji Sanciai district of Kaunas . All the bands who were rehearsing and creating in Aukstieji Sanciai played in “MountainRock’vol.3”: MOUNTAINSIDE (the oldest still active Aukstieji Sanciai band), ANGIS, XESS, MANO JUODOJI SESUO, K.A.N.G. A special guest BIX also gave a great performance in “MountainRock’vol.3”.

Press and audience commented it was the best “MountainRock” event yet. It attracted more than 600 people. Rock festival “MountainRock” contributed to the development of Lithuanian rock scene and raised a quality crossbar.

The fourth “MountainRock” happened in 2006 december 8th. It was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of MOUNTAINSIDE. The friends of the band were invited to participate in the “MountainRock’vol.4/mountainside – decade in rock!”: XESS, BRAINERS, IR, SOUNDARCADE and special guests – MARY JANE from Riga, Latvia. Most of the former collaborators of MOUNTAINSIDE joined the band on the stage for recreating the past.

The festival events were well received both by rock fans and mass media.

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