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2018-01-12, Rytis Bulota

Atėjo laikas, kai galima suvesti, kas atidžiausiai klausyta per metus. Informacijos srautai tokie, kad bet kuris panašus sąrašas visiškai subjektyvus. Todėl be didelių pretenzijų į informuotumą ir muzikos svarbos pajautą. Albumai surašyti atsitiktine tvarka, išskyrus pirmą – Laneganas man patiko labiausiai. Sąrašas sukompiliuotas iš įrašų talpinamų Mountainrocko FB paskyroje, po grotažyme #melomano_ataskaitos. Jie daugiausia angliški, bet kadangi čia nuorodos į muziką o ne žodį, tai vertimais neužsiiminėjau. Tačiau tekstus palikau, nes angliškai nemažai kas supranta. Muzikiniai klimatai nuo džiazo iki metalo, nuo avantpopo iki noise roko.

Feel Bad Hit of the Summer.
The new album from Mark Lanegan Band might be the best from him yet. And it is right up my alley. Have it on constant rotation. The sound is psychedelic in a postpunk way. The blues/grunge is practically gone. Could go on tour with Jesus and Mary Chain, Johnny Marr and Depeche Mode. My only (slight) concern is the drums. Understood that it is part of the artistic vision yet it could be more elaborate and live sounding.

MUTOID MAN “War Moans”
The favourite metal album of the year.
Like a cross between “Blind” era COC, pre-Black album METALLICA and VOIVOD. Yet made in a contemporary way. Sounds refreshing.
Info from the net: “Mutoid Man is an American rock band formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York by Cave In vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky, Converge drummer Ben Koller, and bassist Nick Cageao.

OXBOW “Thin Black Duke”
Adult listening.
More jazzy grunge than noise rock this time. But so good!

Beautiful electric jazz.
Wadada’s trumpet is amidst four (sic!) electric guitars, drums and bass (Bill Laswell!!).

CONVERGE “The Dusk in Us”
Some bands do stay heavy.
The new Converge delivers (as usual). Intricate sludgy metallic hardcore with strong noise rock overtones. Sounding good, composed good, the right amount of clean singing (which means – minimal). Highly recommended! Good to know that not all inventive bands do QOTSA to the fans.

MARY HALVORSON QUARTET “Paimon: Book Of Angels Volume 32”
Guitar fest.
Mary Halvorson’s quartet implementing music of John Zorn. Yay!! Compositional quitar jazz at it’s best.

Sweet soul music.
The r’n’b of today done the classic way. In the tradition of Marvin, Curtis, Otis, Isaac, etc. Retro but good.

Jazzy Spanish avant pop.
As far as I understand (as it is difficult to find info on the web) – ukulele-playing protégé of Charlie Hunter (who is arguably also on the album). Anyway. It is very VERY easy on the ear!

Great contemporary jazz y’all!!
With current jazz sometimes it is difficult to tell if it’s jazz at all. Or sometimes it is so conservative and traditional that it is difficult to even use the term “current”. Not the case here. Even from the most commonsense understanding it is jazz. And it is absolutely current at the same time.

Signature gothic doomdeath.
Rather deep in the band’s career this album is among the strongest in their discography. This time heavy for real. Back to the roots without loosing any of the experience.


The White Dog is Your Father.
First, just to get it out of my chest – I’m totally not down with albums this long. Yet the music is right up my alley and it is atmospheric and it works real well as a background when reading some epic fantasy (Robin Hobb’s “Fitz and the Fool” trilogy. In case anyone was wondering). So the total absence of editing can be forgiven. If you crave (mostly) instrumental jazzy psych/prog/kraut/impro jams with rich instrumentation you should check them out.

MOGWAI “Every Country’s Sun”
Godfathers of postrock are back with the proper LP.
Rather mellow but great. Here is the link to the track with vocals (sic!) .

GRAILS “Chalice Hymnal”
Giants of cinematic psych.
The new GRAILS finally arrived. And it is solid!! As good as the atmospheric instrumental psych rock gets.

BENT KNEE “Land Animal”
Going places.
So as it was predicted here, among the other sources, Bent Knee moved (from the ubercool Cuneiform records) to the major label (Sony, if that info is relevant). Thankfully it didn’t affect the creativity and the quality. The new opus is everything you’d expect from the band. Avant pop, prog, math, metal, psychedelic – you name it. And that amazing musicianship. Wow!
I admit that singing is a bit of acquired taste. Yet no one in their right mind would deny the power and soulfulness of the voice.
Go and check them out. Pronto!

AT THE DRIVE-IN “Inter Alia”
Coming back nicely.
I was almost hesitant to listen to this comeback album. Fearing it wouldn’t be any good. Found out that delaying the listen was me missing the good stuff. Inter Alia is not their best, yet a very solid At The Drive-In album. If you like the band, or the Fugazi-inspired-stuff in general, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Verta paminėti. Worth metioning.
PART CHIMP “IV”, UNSANE “Sterilize”, CODE ORANGE “Forever”, IMMOLATION “Atonement”, MASTODON “Emperor of Sand”, MOTORPSYCHO “The Tower”, SQUALUS “The Great Fish”, JANE WEAVER “Modern Kosmology”, SLEAFORD MODS “English Tapas”, UFOMAMMUT “8”, MORBID ANGEL “Kingdoms Disdained”, THE OBSESSED “Sacred”, WIRE “Silver/Lead”, CRISTAL FAIRY “Cristal Fairy”, PROPHETS OF RAGE “Prophets of Rage”, JOHN ZORN “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, THE KANDINSKY EFFECT “Pax 6”, ENSLAVED “E”.

Taip pat padariau labiau vartotojui draugišką Spotify playlistą.

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